Which one is perfect: Plasma Cutter or Oxy-fuel Cutter?

It is a great question for the fabricators who are working with steels and using the plasma cutter and oxy-fuel cutter for cutting the parts of mild steels. The answer is depending on a few numbers of terms which are cost, types of work, location, resources of power, thickness, alloyetc. Today I will introduce about both processes by this article and share you some ideas about which tool will better to work for you. After reading this article, you will be able to find where you set your faith and which one is perfect to use.

How plasma cutter works.

For steel cutting, it is the best process. Plasma conducts electrically which is an ionized gas. A neutral electrical gas creates plasma by adding energy. Here the compressed air is the gas and electricity is the energy. An electrode addselectricity and that makes the gas imbalanced. When adds more energy, it occurs hotter plasma arc. Compressing this arc with the nozzle, plasma cuts machine control with this strong energy. Metals like as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and copper can be cut by plasma up to two inches thick.

How Oxy-fuel cutter works.

It is the oldest process. Oxy-fuel cutter consists of a torch, an oxygentank, and a fuel tank. Ferrous metals which are containing iron such as stainless steel and aluminum, you can be able to cut any steel. For cutting highly thick metals, Oxy-fuel cutters allow metalworkers. To solder, gouge, braze, fusion weld, bend and preheat metals its different types of torch options accommodate users, as they needed. It can cut ferrous (containing iron) steel up to 24 inches thick.

What are the arguments for Plasma cutter?

arguments for Plasma cutter

Plasma cutters can be able to cut metals neatly and quickly. For its reliable services, it has proved as a convenient option to cut. Including stainless steel and aluminum, it can be able to cut all metals which are electrically conductive. Plasma cutter is the right option for you if your day to day business needs cutting stainless steel and aluminum. Oxy-fuel fuel cutters cannot be able to cut those two metals because of a layer of oxide which prevents occurring oxidation.

What are the arguments for Oxy-fuelcutter?

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If you want to cut metals which are thicker, then this tool is the right option for you.But you have toremember one limitation that oxy-fuel cuttercannot cut aluminum and stainless steels. Oxy-fuel cutters are useful for the metals which are containing iron. It can cut this metals up to 24 inches thick.

What are the differences between them?

Industrial Use:

Plasma Cutter: Plasma cutters are usually used in construction, metal fabrication, maintenance, agricultural, metal art, automotive repair, hobbyists, home, sculpting and DIY applications.

Oxy-fuel Cutter: Oxy-fuel cutters are used in fabrication, agricultural, maintenance repair, hobbyists, automotive, mining and DIY applications.


Plasma Cutter: On thinner materials, Plasma cutter works highly well. It depends on the power sources output. On extended metals, it works well, and it also can be able to cut materials which are stacked. It cuts any types of metals up to two inches thinner.

Oxy-fuel Cutter: It can be able to cut metals up to 24 inches thick. But itcannot able to cut non-ferrous metals which do not contain iron like as stainless steel and aluminum. Its performance is enhanced by nozzle design and fuel gas. It does not depend on any primary power sources.


Plasma Cutter: Plasma cutter has different portability which depends on power sources size and technology. If a built-in compressor of air is not using, then the portability will also depend on air tank’s size.

Oxy-fuel Cutter: it is highly portable and on any primary power sources its portability does not depend. With torches and gas tanks it can be able to cut anywhere.


Plasma Cutter: With plasma cutter it is possible to beveling, stack cutting, piercing, and gouging metals.

Oxy-fuel Cutter:Oxy-fuel cutter has been used for brazing, heating, soldering, gouging, welding and bending ferrous metals with a torch which is combined with it.


Plasma Cutter: Plasma cutter is costlier than the oxy-fuel cutter because of its gas costs and power costs. But the costs are not any matter because you will get the faster cutting speed from here.

Oxy-fuel Cutter: It is lower cost than the plasma cutter.


Now you have alreadyknown something about the plasma cutter and the oxy-fuel cutter and see the differences between them. After comparing this two, we have found out that the Plasma cutter is perfect to use.

  • April 3, 2017
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