What should you know before purchasing a Plasma Cutting Machine

Do you want to buy any cutting or welding machine for welding operation of your home or workshop?Plasma cutter may be the best solution for you.

Plasma cutting machine is very effective equipment for the welding operation and metal cutting. And it is suitable for both commercial and non-commercial use

There are many models of plasma cutter in the market. Before purchase a plasma cutter, you should know about few things that which model will be best fitted for you. You will get some valuable tips by going through the article,which may help you to select the best-fitted plasma cutter.

Which type of materials do you need to cut?:

For quality cutting, the best-fitted machine depends on metal thickness. If you used to cut one and quarter inch thick metal usually, you can buy a lower amperage plasma cutter to save your money. In this condition, you can use 25 amps plasma cutter for better performance.

Though small machines can cut more than quarter inch thick metal, they won’t provide quality cut. So, if you need to cut half inch thick metal, you can purchase a 50-60 amps Plasma cutter. For more thickness, you need more high amperage machine.

Duty Cycle: Duty cycle means that how much time the machine will be able to cut without taking any break. If the plasma cutter gets overheated it needs a break for cooling. If you need to run the machine continuously for a long time you need to buy a machine which has a higher duty cycle.

Portability: If you need to carry the plasma cutter from one place to another for the welding or cutting operation, you should buy a 20-40 lbs plasma cutter. You should also buy a portable compressor and power generator for the plasma cutter.

Cutting speed: Metal cutting speed of plasma cutter is measured in IPM (Inches per minute). Before buying one, check the IPM of the plasma cutter. As an example, the 25 amps cutter can cut quarter inch thick metal smoothly. But the 60 amps cutter can cut the quarter inch thick metal faster than the 25 amps.

So, if you need to cut a huge amount of metal every day, you should select a plasma cutter which can cut nearly twice your required cutting thickness.

Automatic or manual? Which is suitable for you?:

cnc maens

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If you need to cut a huge amount of metal every day, you should purchase a CNC plasma cutter. CNC means Computer Numerical Control. In CNC plasma cutter, there is a computer which controls the plasma arc to cut metal. You just need to provide appropriate instruction to the computer.

Central cooler system: Plasma cutter becomes heat during operation. Overheating may damage machines parts. So, you must purchase a plasma cutter which has a centralised cooler. The cooler circulates coolair through the central part of the machine. It is very important to keep the central part cool because all the thermalpartsare placed here.

Working visibility:

During any operation, especially when tracing any pattern, it is very important to see that what your are cutting. Visibility is very important during the cutting operation. You can get better working visibility with an extended nozzle and a small, light torch.

The machine should easy to operate and use: The control panel should be easy so that you can set-up and operate the machine easily. And be sure that the torch fits in your hand comfortably.

Test the machine and cutting quality:Before purchasing test the cut quality of the machine. Be sure that the plasma cutter provides tight and focused and longer Arc. Longer Arc indicates the ability to cut thicker plate. Lift the plasma torch up from the plate during cutting to check how much the machine can gouge.

Safety features: Purchase a machine which has safety features which can protect you from any accident. Make sure that the machine has a nozzle in place safety sensor. With this feature, arc won’t start until the nozzle is placed.

There is also a safety feature called pre-flow sequence. This feature alerts user before the starting of the arc.

Warranty: Purchase your plasma cutter from the manufacturer who provides long time warranty and free servicing.


Plasma Cutter is a very useful machine for cutting different electric conductive materials, but you have to incur a big amount to purchase this machine. So before buying a plasma cutter you have to give your look at the above-mentioned features. So that you can own the best one for cutting the materials.

  • April 3, 2017
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