Are you a strong believer of Do it yourself (DIY) and like to repair and maintain your home with your own hand? In recent times, do you want to decorate your house with stone and many others electric conductive material? If yes, then you must have to learn the use of plasma cutter properly to operate this equipment without any harassment.

How does the plasma cutter work?

Before knowing the using procedures of the plasma cutter, let’s have a look on how this high-quality cutter equipment works. Mainly the cutting procedure of plasma is preceded with the help of highly-heated compressed air which is turned in a conductive gas with the ionized process. When it is ionized it will be able to use the power of electricity that comes from the torch of this cutting appliance. The “swirl ring” is used by the torch of the plasma cutter that circulates the compressed gas around of the electrode.

In the next stage, in the chamber of plasma cutter which is in the middle of torch tip and the electrode, this gas is highly heated. When it becomes very hot, gas is ionized and creates the plasma. So ultimately the pressure and volume of the gas increase greatly. Although the amount of gas increases, but the torch tip of the plasma cutter leaves the gas with very narrow and small opening. So the plasma is shrunk and expedites to the work pieces with very high temperature and speeds. In this time, the temperature of the plasma cutter becomes up to 30,000° Fahrenheit and the speed goes to 20,000 ft.​

What do you have to list before cutting?

Before starting to cut with the help of plasma cutter, you need to do some checking and fixing of the plasma cutter. These points are

  • At first, you have to read the whole user manual very carefully and thoroughly.
  • You need to follow all the safety precautions of plasma cutter since it is highly risky equipment that is conducted with the help of very high voltage electric power. You have to wear all safety clothing very carefully.
  • Must check the electrode, shield cup and torch tip before starting to use the plasma cutter. If any item becomes damaged or very worn, you need to replace it immediately. Otherwise, a serious accident can occur. Moreover, the very worn parts can decrease the cutting the performance of plasma cutter.
  • The pressure of gas should be checked and make sure the psi of compressor is in the right level.
  • After checking all the initial precautions, you need to switch on the power of plasma cutter.
  • Then adjust the amperage control at the maximum level and again inquire the air pressure.
  • The place in where you want to keep the ground clamp, have to clean it properly by removing all rust and paint nicely. Especially this stage is very important for 12-amp plasma cutter since it can’t be operated over the rust and paint.
  • You should keep the ground clamp as near as possible to the cutting machine and when it is possible to keep the ground clamp on the workpiece itself. It should be carefully checked that the clamp and work cable are connected without any loose.
  • When you use the plasma cutter, your hand should not be shaken frequently and no need to hold the torch very firmly.
  • Now start to cut with the plasma cutter.

Procedures of cutting with plasma cutter

You have to follow the following procedure to use the plasma cutter for cutting different electric conductive materials.

  • Step 1: On the base metal corner, you have to put the drag shield. Otherwise, you can also maintain standoff distance which is typically 0.125 inches. Also,the arc should be directed straightly at the down. But do not drag the tip, if drag, the tip life will be reduced.
  • Step 2: The lock of the trigger is raised and after that when the pilot arc and trigger is pressed, plasma cutter will begin immediately.
  • Step 3: When the arc begins to work, you need to move the plasma cutting torch over the metal.
  • Step 4: You have to regulate the speed of plasma cutter carefully so that sparks can gothrough the metal and reach at the bottom of the conductive metal. If you notice that sparks do not be visible under the plate, it means the arc is not working properly. To get the right performance of the plasma cutter, the arc has to be inserted into the metal.The arc can’t perform its functionality properly because of poor grounding, moving the plasma torch very quickly, inadequate amperage control and also the angle positioned plasma stream can be a cause of this issue.
  • Step 5: When the cutting process will be reached at the last stage, direct the torch to the last edge slightly at angle position. You can hitch the cutter shortly before discharging the trigger to cut the electric conductive metal.
  • Step 6: After discharging the trigger, air is circulated for 20 to 30 second for making the torch cool. If you want to restart the arc again, need to press the trigger when this air flows.


  • April 3, 2017
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