Tips on Finding Out Your Expected Plasma Cutter

Have you ever felt the necessity of using the plasma cutting machine to maintain your work? Obviously, it is the very necessary product for the people who need cutting in higher volume. The machine has made easier the cutting process. Technology provides the blessing and saves the human energy. Just considering the fact of saving time, energy, effort one can take a plasma cutting machine. There are many reasons for investing money in buying the plasma cutting machine.

But any buyer has to be sure before buying a plasma cutter. What types of plasma cutter he needs? By which he will be more benefited? Which one is worthy to buy? You will have some compelling suggestion mentioned below. If anyone follow these instructions before buying the plasma cutter, he will be much benefited.

Be sure about the thickness of metal, you need to cut

It is the important fact to determine what types of material, you often need to cut. The cutting ability of all plasma cutter is not the same. There are various types of plasma cutter flooding on the market. All of them don’t possess same power. You should buy such plasma cutter which is very effective for you. It is true that all man do not need the same category of the plasma cutter. Just take to fulfill according to your expectation. If you need to cut 0.25″ thick material, then you can take the plasma cutter with lower amperage.

Although you will be able to cut the same thickness using the smaller machine, you should not do that. Because it will invest more energy and effort. Even you will not have the furnished work. Each unit has a different optimum thickness range. So you should be sure about the particular group of an actual optimal range of thickness.

The power sources of the plasma cutter depend on the amperage and cutting ability. If you need to cut 0.25″ thick material, you can make the lower amperage plasma cutter. Typically a 0.25″ machine possesses 25 amps, a 0.5″ machine belongs amps between 50-60, and a 0.75″ – 1″ machine consists 80 amps of output.

Let you know the cutting speed

You know all types of atmosphere do not require the same rate. So before buying plasmacutter, you have to provide the speed to the manufacturer to have your desired one. The cutting speed is evaluated in IPM. If you cut most of the time 1/4″ metal, you need the higher amperage machine. You can choose the machine with 60 amps to play long lasting quality production.

If you need to show small cut, you should check the machine duty cycle. It is usually evaluated as the percentage of ten minute periods. For instance, 50% duty cycle at 60 amps means one can perform 60 amps successively for 5 minutes out of 10 minute periods.

Take the portable plasma cutter

Plasma cutter is used for different types of purpose. Frequently it may be needed to dislocate the machine from one site to another. If the device is portable, it is easier to use. If the instrument is mobile, one can easily get benefitted by using the machine.

Find out the protective and durable machine

A protective machine can finish the hard job without any risk. We can mention that the protective fitting and torch connection will work better than others. There are some machines which also offer air filter and other different parts. These filters are necessary since these provide the assurance of removing oil from the compressed air.

Feel comfortable having user-friendly control panel

Select a plasma cutter that includes an intuitive control panel. This type of panel provides the opportunity to use a plasma cutter by the person who is not able to use and pick it up. The plasma cutter provides described information with the unit. It is helpful in the spheres of setting up and trouble to shoot.

Consider the safety features

Choose the machine that provides a real Nozzle in Place safety sensor. If this feature is included, that time plasma cutter will not initiate the arc untill the nozzle is in right place. Few security systems can be misleaded by thinking that the nozzle is in right place. In such systems, the vent can be left out. Therefore, the output can be turned on to expose the operator to 300vDC. Also, take the machine which delivers a pre-flow order.

This feature warns operator earlier the arc initiates. You can look for an apparatus which ensures a pre-flow safety of three-second and provides the operator advanced alert to ensure that all parts of the machine are distinct from the nozzle before the arc begines.

Know the details of Electrical Outlets

It is a core part of understanding the electric outlets before buying a new plasma cutter. Most of the plasma cutter require more power to operate more efficiently. Most of the plasma cutter consists of 110 or 220 volts outlets. All the plasma cutter has an amperage rating. The electric outlet is capable of supporting the minimum number of amps. You consider whether it has any additional tool or not plugged into the same circuit. The extra tool gives the extra power to cut plasma.

Take the taste of Inverter Based plasma cutter

The plasma cutter is a little more expensive which has built in inverter. But it gives additional portable opportunity, especially the built in the inverter is needed for those who need mobile service.

The manufacturer can make the plasma cutter smaller by producing the frequent switching.

Know more about Plasma Cutter Accessories

Plasma Cutter Accessories

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There are more accessories along with plasma cutter. One can purchase with a plasma cutter to cut the large objects quickly. Among those accessories consumables, plasma torch, air dryer, plasma cutting table, protective gear.

All the accessories used for different purpose, a user should know.

Consumable controls the plasma flow. Although the electrodes wear out first, consumables also need to wear out over time. The plasma torch attached to the plasma cutter helps cut the actual shape.Air dryer regulator is vital to ensure no moisture build up around the cut area.


Obviously, it very needs to know details about a plasma cutter which you are going to buy. You have to clear conception before buying what types of the plasma cutter; as different kinds of a plasma cutter are available .you have to know which is the most effective according to your requirement. If any user need the plasma cutter frequently, take the plasma cutter based on maximum cutting ability. If you use the plasma cutter sometimes, you can take the plasma cutter with minimum amperage.

  • April 3, 2017
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