The reasons whywelder/generator is great for emergency power supply

Do you want to buy any heavy duty generator which is better for heavy work and also can be used as emergency generator power? The welder /generatoris the best solution for you. In this article, you will learn why welder/generator is the best solution for commercial and non-commercial use.

Welder/generator provides enormous and high generator power. You can use it to run home, ranch, farm, and small industry. It can be used as a reliable power source when electricity gone for a long time due tothe natural disasters like hurricane, ice storm, flood, and various reasons. It comes to gasoline, LP and diesel engine and specifically built for industrial using. It provides a vast amount of electric power (12000 watts) which is significant. It can provide uninterrupted electric power up to 24 hours and seven days. So, you can get greater performance with a welder/generator rather than a stand-alone generator.

Mr. John Leisner, theproduction manager of “Miller Electric Manufacturing Company” (the biggest manufacturer of welder/generators), shows ten reasons why we should use a Miller welder/ generator instead of a stand-alonegenerator.

The reasons are given bellow:

  • Better run-time: Miller Welder/generator comes with a huge tank which can contain a large amount of fuel. As an example, the Miller Bobcat 250 model can provide up to 12 a gallon gasoline and run up to 14 hours with a stable load of 4000 watts.
  • Sufficient output power: Miller welder/generatorprovidestremendous output power (4500-12000 watts) which is enough to run ranches, farms, small industries, houses,etc. The output power varies upon you that how much wattage you need.
  • Better welding experience: Miller welder/generators built with Subaru and Kohler engines which can provide more generator power rather than the stand-alone generator at a lower price. This generator can deliver more amperage output so that you can complete your welding operation faster and save your time and money.
  • Provide massive peak power to run reliable motors: Some electric machine needs more power than its runtime which is called peak (high starting) power. Regular generators peak power is limited so they can’t be able to run this type of machines. But the Miller welder /generatorisdifferent from the usual. They can deliver usable peak power more than 30 seconds, whichis enough for maximum devices.
  • Better performance in high ambient temperature: Generators output power decreases when the temperature increases. But Miller welder/generator output power stay stable up to40-degreeCelsius temperature. That means a Miller welder /generator can provide mechanical output power even on a hot summer day.
  • Active output voltage: Regular generators droop under a medium or heavy workload and can provide 105 V or 110 V output instead of 120-volt For this reason, the total power of generators parts runsoff, and it occurs voltage amperage. The increasing of amperage heats the generator which affects the generator parts.But Miller welder/generators never droop underrated loads and always provide a stable output voltage.
  • Smooth output power: Miller welder/generators always deliver continuous power output so thatit can run sensitive electronic machines without any risk and interruption.
  • 24/7 Uninterrupted operation: Welder/generators are designed with durable and heavy duty equipment so they can run smoothly without any interruption except refueling and maintenance.While automaticgenerators get overheated or burn out due to heavy loading, Miller welder/generator continues running as its consistent
  • Better resale value: If you are in North America, and If you buy Miller gas welder/generator in an emergency situation and want to sell it after a few months, you can get a better resale value than any other gas generator and welder generator.
  • Availability: Miller stocked vast amount of welder/generator in their store so that they never run out of stock. Miller can deliver more than thousands of welder/generator in any location of the USA every day.


So, what do you think? Isn’t Miller welder/generator the best generator power solution for both commercial and non-commercial uses? There are various models of Miller welder/generator in the market. You can buy the best-fitted model for your home, ranch, farm or small business from the local market or Amazon.

  • April 3, 2017
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