Plasma Cutter Accessories

Ensure More Perfect and Safer Cutting

Plasma cutter is essential for cutting different types of electric conductive material such as steel, aluminum and many more. Although plasma cutter is a greatly helpful equipment to cut these hard materials in the different shape but quality plasma cutter accessories is must for ensuring perfect and safer cutting. There are different renowned brands that provide high-quality plasma cutter accessories. Among them Motor Guard, HyperthermPowermax, Sellstrom are especially mentionable.

Plasma Cutter Accessories

Different types of plasma cutter accessories are available for ensuring proper safety both of you and your plasma cutter. These accessories are included torch guide kit, plasma cutter air filters, multi-purpose face shields, machine covers and many more.

Machine cover


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​To protect your plasma cutter machine from the dust, rust and all types of rubbish, a perfect machine cover is must. It also protects your machine from the water. Continuous water touch can hamper the productivity of the plasma cutter machine and can grow rust.

Welding jacket

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When you choose welding jacket for plasma cutting you have to ensure both comfort and protection. If your jacket only fulfills the protective feature but does not meet up the requirement of enough comfort, you cannot be relaxed to do your job. As a result, any unexpected occurrence can happen. So make sure that your selected welding jacket ensures both comfort and protective measurement.

Before choosing perfect welding jacket makes sure that the jacket covers your upper body including the base of collar and bottom hem. Also, ensure that closing of the jacket is safe and secure. You can choose cotton jacket or leather jacket. Cotton jacket is more lightweight than leather jacket and also provide more coolness.​

Welding gloves

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At the time of using the plasma cutter, the perfect and well-fitted gloves ensure better productivity with great comfort feeling. To get protection from sparks, spatter and heat, a pair of comfortable and strong gloves is the must. To choose the perfect gloves, makesure that the gloves are long enough to cover the wrists. A good pair of gloves provides you high-level control over the filler rod and others hard materials. There are different types and quality gloves are available for plasma cutting job. You can choose high-quality deerskin leather made gloves or other types gloves.​


The t-shirt is also an essential part to complete your clothing for plasma cutting. You need this t-shirt to wear under the welding jacket. This t-shirt should be enough comfortable and soft. So that at the time of working, you feel complete comfort.


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The most important accessory for plasma cutting is the helmet. Because when you are doing the job of plasma cutting, you need to stay in a harsh working environment where lots of dust, smoke and vapors exist. So to get strong protection against these you have to choose a helmet that has strong air purifying respirator system.

Beforechoosing a welding helmet, you also have to notice that it includes auto-darkening features with complete safety. A perfect helmet also provides complete viewing clarity and expanded view. When you use the plasma cutter,welding helmet monitors the air flow by its integrated sensor and ensures cooling environment at the rough hot environment. So with the welding helmet, you get safety is highly ensured.​

Safety glasses for Plasma cutter

Eye is considered as the crucial part when you are cutting materials with the plasma cutter. So to protect your eyes from the arc rays of plasma cutter you need to take proper protection by wearing a well-fitted and high-quality safety glass.You have to make sure that your glasses have the feature of 5.0 lens shade that can block 99.9% UV rays.​


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Boots or shoes

When you use the plasma cutter, you can’t keep your feet naked. Since the arc rays of plasma cutter are very strong and it can burn your naked feet. So you have to choose a pair of shoes that can protect your feet against these strong arc rays. Natural leather shoes or boots can be the perfect weapon to protest these strong arc rays. Leather-made Top steel toe boots or shoes, metal-toe shoes and high top work boots are highly preferable as the safety clothing of plasma cutter.

Earmuffs or earplugs​

At the time of cutting with the plasma cutter, high level of noises are produced which can hamper your hearing power. Moreover, the different harmful pitch of materials also can damage the ear drum.

To prevent any kind of damage of your ear, you can take the help of earmuffs or earplugs. Both of these accessories have their own positive and negative sides. But between them ear plugs are more suitable for plasmacutting job since the place of plasma cutting is produced very loud noise. Although earmuffs are well-fitted into your ear canal but the earplugs provide better protection than earmuffs.​

Circle Cutting Attachment​

Circle cutting attachment is a unique accessory of your plasma cutter which not only makes your cutting more perfect and precise but also does the job very easily. The using procedure of this cutting attachment is quite simple. Usually, this cutting attachment includes two different size cutting bars, ¼” pierce base, magnetic base, compass base and dual-wheel car. These two different size cutting bars help you to cut different size circles within a short time. If you wish you can also get straight cutting with using the dual wheel car.


Above mentioned plasma cutter accessories are very essential to get the safe and efficient performance of plasma cutter. So when you buy a plasma cutter, make sure that you also list the above accessories and buy with your plasma cutter. Although initially for buying these accessories you have to incur some investment but, in the long run, you will be able to get high-quality productivity with a safe environment.

  • April 3, 2017
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