Low-Cost Plasma Cutters

In any workshop plasma cutters are very common and essential tool. If they are not used all the time, the investment will be a sheer wastage as the price of this machine is usually very high. The good news is, in last few years a good number of companies have introduced few standard & good quality but low-cost plasma cutters for the users. At first take a look at the features of low-cost plasma cutter.

Significant Qualities:

Features, qualities and standards are the main considering factors in the case of purchasing and have to make sure that the machine will fulfill your purpose. In most of the cases, some models are cheaper than few others as because they are not as powerful as the expensive ones.

Duty Cycle:
Duty cycle is one of the most important matters to keep in mind while buying plasma cutters. Few cutters are made to perform shorter periods and in a time of rigorous or heavy load, they are failed to accomplish as expected. Basically, the more the amperage rating is, the more the duty cycle will be.

The other significant quality to think about is the unit’s input voltage. Most of the cutters are in between 120 to 220 volts. If your workshop is a 220V outlet, you better go for that to handle a heavy load.

Thickness and speed of cutting:
You must have a clear knowledge what kinds of elements you are going to cut on a daily basis and ensure that the unit you are selecting can easily and speedily accomplish it. It will be very upsetting if you have to stop working because of the cutters shortcomings.

Ways of Starting:
The other essential matter is how the cutting device starts. There are two paths.

  • High frequency
  • Contact

It is better to have a contact to start, if the cutters are used near a computer or other sensitive electronic devices.

Availability of Air:

For plasma cutting forced wind is must. Several strategies are there based on what you are going to cut. Most of the cheap rated units require an extra air compressor whereas many other units have built in air compressor.​

Let us have a look on the low-cost three plasma cutters.​

Viva: Amazon.com

1. Ramsond CUT 50DY:

Viva: Amazon.com

It is really a better one to have purchase decision due to some important features. Such as size, weight-19 pounds, high portability, etc. Its maximum cut limit of 3/4” that is very remarkable for this size.

It executes a tremendous cut on things up to 1”. It is an irregular cut and must not be counted for each working load. It works on both 110 or 220v.This is the reason it does not carry a plug so you will be required to have your own, on the basis of your power.

This is also very handy and will be easy for you to travel with this as the place you are going to work, may not have the same set up as your workshop.

It must need an external air compressor so that the tip stays cool and free of molten metal.​

2. Lotos CT520D 50:

Viva: Amazon.com

It has many useful features to attract the clients. This is a 3 in 1 unit which has the capability of cutting, TIG welding and sticks welding.

It is significantly larger than the past one, and it is almost 32 pounds in weight.The highest cut thickness is 1/2”.It has dual voltage, and it can be used with either 110v or 220v.

It also requires an external air compressor which is easy to get individually.

Though its job accomplishment capacity is not equal to the Ramsond, the main thing is that it is so user-friendly equipment obviously deserves the higher price tag.

If you consider the reality that it removes the requirement for a TIG, then definitely it is priced very rationally.​

3. LT5000D 50A:

Viva: Amazon.com

Though it does not have all the quality like CT520D 50, still it is performing significantly well with much less money.

It also runs in both 110 and 220v. It weights around 22 pounds.

It has 6 feet grounding cable and 10 feet hose cutting torch. It also needs an external air compressor.

Though the maximum cutting limit is 1/2”, it cuts very nicely. It pulls about 50 amps at this point of thickness.

It can be used to cut 3/4″ elements though the work will not be as sharp as the others.


If you want a plasma cutter for a small project, then low-cost plasma cutter is the best one. Since the giant one incurs a big investment which is not well-suited with the little project. So when you are planning for the small project

  • April 3, 2017
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