How to Maintain Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutting is done through plasma cutter. Plasma cutter cuts numerous types of conductive materials. The durability of the apparatus depends on how well the machine is being maintained or preserved. Generally,every kind of machines needs to be conserved in a particular period of time or cycle. Open air and electricity both are the prime inputs of a plasma cutter to operate.

To protect the plasma cutter from any unintentional situation is required. A good routine can keep the machine safe and retain from damage. A perfect routine also ensures the machine has to perform as it should be before expiration. A well- maintained plasma cutter also shows that the machine is in fantastic condition and performs at its pick level or higher for long lasting years. In a severe environmental situation where the dust is heavier and moisture, the assessment frequency should be increased.

There are some strategies of where you can keep your plasma cutter safe, protect and clean from depreciation.

Replace consumable tools regularly:

It is very useful and easy and cost-effective to regularly replace consumable parts than replacing the torch. There is a high chance of torch failure if the consumables can direct to uncontrolled arcing in the plasma compartment. If the cut quality decline then it is the first indication of damage parts. That’s why to inspect visually is very vital to this regard. If the nozzle shows up and there is a clear indication of oxide residue on the inside, or if indicates gouging stays on the inside or outside of the nozzle, and then it should be replaced. To check the electrode is exhausted or not, should check the pitting of the electrode component. Depending on whether the gas is being used, the pitting must not be deeper than (3by 32 inch) for oxygen or air or (1 by 8 inch) for argon or nitrogen. If the pits are deeper than these measurements, it’s high time to change the electrode.

Appropriately assemble the torch:


Torches should be the last longing if they are treated correctly. The torch should be assembled in such a way that the parts are placed in exact line and attach together snugly. Three things needed to ensure that the torch is appropriately assembled. Good electrical connect correct flow of gas, coolant through the torch. The torch threads should always be to be cleaned and seating areas should not be contaminated. Consumables have always to be kept as clean and dirt free from the environment and the temperatureso that it does not contaminate the torch.​

Appropriate parts should be used for the appropriate job:

Consumable department rely in the cutting amperage and plasma gas has also been used for each job. For abundant types of cutting the operator’s manual shows which consumables are suitable. Inappropriate consumables can lead to reducing parts life and diminished cut quality. However, parts have to be run at the right amperage. 95 percent is the correct setting for the amperage. Lower amperage leads to a sloppy cut. Over energy will considerably diminish the nozzle’s life.​

Adequate gas and Coolant flow:

Almost every daycoolant flow and gas pressure should be checked. Consumables will not be working or be cooling properly if the flow is not sufficient. For cutting arc, there has to be gas pressure available constantly. Plasma gas will always be kept as clean and dry. The torch failure in a short stage and short consumable life are two consequences of contaminated gas.

The torch must not be used as a hammer:

Torches are not to be used as a hammer and should not be. Beat the torch in a workplace and try to extract the slag or cut pieces can be harmful and damaged the torch.

Must stop arc stretching:

Consumable parts tend to be collapsed if the arc tries to attain conductive materials. The arc cutting should be started from the edge and not from the pierce. The edge start is started with the nozzle orifice and straightly centered over the edge of the work piece.

Preserve right standoff:

The thickness decides the standoff of the conductive material. By conserving the right standoff, the arc is able to flow perfectly. If the standoff is too high or too low then it can be harmful to the torch or the work piece.

Regularly torch should be kept neat and tidy:

End-user should check on a regular basis whether if the torch gets contaminated or not. Internal and external both the threads must remain neat and tidy. They must be re-tapped if needed. The nozzle and electrode seating areas are needed to be cleaned up if they become nasty and ditched. Cotton swab or any other cleaning brush can be used to clean up the apparatus.


Appropriate handling of plasma arc can save innumerable time and expenses for cutting tools. If a person uses it in a right way then the longevity and durability of the machine will also be increased. The parts will also get a longer lifetime. In the manufacturing process, there may be a lesser time and efforts to be spent before going into that process.

  • April 3, 2017
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