There are abundant types of plasma cutters available in the market. CNC plasma cutter is one of a kind. Perhaps, CNC types ones are the most extravagant plasma cutters available in the market. We need to understand very accurately and correctly, how to operate this enormous gigantic machine. This machine is unique and incomparable with other plasma cutters. Different types or varieties of CNC plasma cutters are existed in the market, starting power level from 30A to 1000A, and thickness capacities from 26 gauges to 6 minus one and divide that result into four incheson stainless steels, mild steel and aluminum. The end user should have the ability or skill to extract out the best machine from the market withoptimumproductivity and efficiency with a lower or minimum cost.

CNC Plasma Cutter


In fifteen to twenty years back the CNC plasma cutter machine wasn’t the same as today. It was only used for high extensive industrial apparatus that used to design for per day 3 shifts operations in job shops, thecenter of steel service and in bigstores. It was basically used for heavy equipment and industries like shipbuilding. For this reason, these machines had a long life of more than 20 years. These apparatus were capable of producing thousands of heavy conductive materials and naturally, production rates were much higher. It needed a minimum level of maintenance and the cost used to be lower at that time. For today’s technological advancement and enhancement, these machines are more powerful, convenient, small and acute. These machines are really bearable and moveable.

Necessary Elements:

Without elements or ingredients, it is impossible to make a CNC plasma cutter. Every CNC plasma cutter should have some elements whether it is from the minimum cost machine to the biggest machine from theshipyard. It should have some absolutenecessity.

CNC regulate:

  • It is called the brain of the whole machine.
  • It alters electrical signals into cuttingprogramthat lead the machine cuts at a great direction.
  • It also indicates the height control, the plasma cutter and some peripherals when and how to operate.
  • Industrial grade computer is basically controlling the machinery of the industrial sector which is run and operated by the computer software.
  • Outputs and inputs both can control a few components likeplasma cutters, height control, drive motors and other equipment that couldbe placedon the plasma cutting machine.
  • The brain is the key to the device; it receives the command both from the apparatus operator and from the software calledCAM (computer assisted manufacturing) as well.
  • These device changes these orders into accurately time electrical signals and that regulate all the functionality of the machine.
  • CNC controls which are layout to work for the industry are extremely robust, long-termrough, dirty and can exist for the electrically loud environments.
  • This is very costly and intricate.
  • There is a computer that can also be used for CNC plasma with a lower cost machine as a brain.
  • It can be both a personal computer and a laptop.
  • A CNC plasma cutter or machine is controlled by the personal computer or a laptop, so it’s better if it will be fitted with: design with a lower cost and construction, hobbyist user, lighter uses, shops with a prototype in it, small shops where the unit production demand is much lower.

Mechanical elements:

  • Each machine has got some moving components, such as gantry (long axis), a torch carriage and a z-axis (up and down) that influence and moves the plasma torch to generate the desired cut parts.
  • Lightweight elements can be used smaller sized machines that are why money can be saved in motordrive, gearing, electronics, etc.
  • Permitting the process to execute at thespeed of plasma cutting ranges with logically precision.

Fume Control System:

  • Plasma cutting produces a lot of smokes and fumes. Each machine requires either a downdraft fume control or a water table control.

The procedure of using a CNC plasma cutter

Obviously, there is a guideline of using a CNC plasma cutter in a cutting process. A series of steps are needed to be followed to be known such an enormous apparatus.

  • There is software that will be delivered along with the CNC plasma cutter. CNC plasma cutter runs with the software, so the software should be matched with the machine. A Program needs to be installed and then learn the software by using the manual and after that practice a bit with lower graded software.
  • The cutting should be accurate, so make a perfect plan of your cutting. The software needs to be fixed and fully run by now.
  • Before pressing the cut button, all the mandatory arrangement should be checked properly.This for to verify the process is running as per planned or not.
  • The laser can also be used without the moving part of the laser. All you have to do is program the plasma arc at one single point use abare hand on the table to change the specimen consequently.


We are living in the world of technology, where proper industry management is the key to getting succeed for high productivity. In this purpose, CNC arc plasma cutter is definitely highly appreciated for industrial application.

  • April 3, 2017
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