How to make a safe welding environment

Though technical science has made our life easier, sometime it is dangerous for our life. Only proper use of it can be useful. Welding is one of the modern techniques of science which is use to cut and join metals by causing fusion. That means this process joins metals without melting it. Though history says welding process was there 500 B.C. but the system now we’re following is recent. As the welding process run by a very high voltage electric connection, and fire sparks are created during the operation, it is verydangerous for the people who are working with the process. Anykind ofinattention can cause aserious accident during thewelding operation. So creating a safe environment is not only important,it is a must duty to secure the welders. To ensure a safe welding environment, you must know about the risks and dangers which can occur during a welding process. After that, you can take actual and necessary steps to ensure a safe welding environment.

Risks and dangers during welding operation:

Electric shock:​

The most seriousrisk which is facing by a welder is an Electric shock. Electric shock is able to lead a person to rigorous injury or death, either from the shock or from falling caused by the reaction to a shock.

Usually electric shockhappens when aweldertouches two different metal objects at thesame time that have a potential voltage between each others as they insert them into the electrical circuit. If a welder holds a bare wire in one hand and another bare wire with another hand, current will pass through that wire and the welder get an electric shock. The higher the flow of current and voltage, the higher the threatof resulting in severe injury or death.

Gas and fume, another risk :

Gas and fume

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Overexposure to welding fumes along with gases can be dangerous to one’s health. Because welding fume contains harmful metal oxide compounds from consumables, so you must keep your head out of the fumes and use sufficient ventilation and exhaust to control yourdisclosure to substances in the fume, depending on the nature of steel bar and base metal being used.

Fire sparks and explosions:

The welding arc generates tremendous temperatures, Any kind of inattention cancause a considerable fire and outbursts hazard.

During operation, the welding arc may cross the temperatures of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the real hazard is not from the arc itself, But the spark which is created by the arc is very dangerous.

The spark can spatter up to 35 to 40 feet away from the place of welding.​

Insufficient PPE, the most common reason for injury:

Personal protective equipment (PPE) assists to keep welders free from injury, such as burning which is the most common injury. The right PPE gives freedom of progress while providing enough protection from hazards.

Steps to create a safe welding environment:

Step No. 1: Assessments for dangers

If you want to provide a safer environment for your employee, the first and foremost duty of you to provide a safer facility. So an assessmentof danger at your facility is the first step of your safety planning. This assessment has to be included employees and, potentially, an industrial hygienist. More specifically you have to look closer to your employees and understand their working behaviours.You should check your welding machinery, the surrounding objects. It gives you a better understanding about welding environment and encourages your employees to pay closer attention to safety.

Step No 2: Providing faultless work facility and personal protective equipment

After having assessment result, you should change your facility by solving the problems of equipment and others. Then you should provide the right fit PPE to the employee. If the PPE is not well fitted it is potentially dangerous for them.

Step No 3: Observation

You should observe regularly and involve with the workers to ensure thatthey are following the safety rules. It will also help you to build a good relationship with employees.

Step No. 4: Training Facility

For a novice or a new welder, you should ensure a proper training for him. The training should give him a proper idea about his work, working equipment and how to keep himself safer.


If you keep your eye on those measures your welding station is going to be a heaven for welders. Taking safety precaution doesn’t need to spend too much money, it just needs your attention.

  • April 3, 2017
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