How to increase Arc-On time and throughput in Welding Operation?

To improve welding operation and increase productivity, industries or workshop must need to increase their Arc-On time and throughput during the welding operation. If the throughput can increase with better production quality, that will improve productivity and profit.

To improve the throughput, during the welding operation, it is essential to improve and increase the Arc-On time and reduce downtime.

A modern and better management system is most important thing for every industry or company. Advanced Welding Information Management (AWIM) system is better for companies and industries to increase Arc-On time, Throughput, especially productivity and benefit.

Cylinder or tank, which is suitable?

Actually, It depends on the productivity. Industries/workshops who have huge production target, using tank will be more effective for them to contain the fuel. For a cylinder, welders need to change it when they ran out of fuel. So, it stopped them from welding which adds downtime. So it is better for big industry and workshop to use bulk tank system. If the tank has an automatic replenish system, that will be more effective.

Few things about the welding wire


Barrels are better than spools. Barrels are easy and quickly to place and switch. Barrels can contain more wire than spools. So welders never ran out of wire during work.

Few things about pre-weld activities

Pre-weld processing is important to increase Arc-On time and throughput. The advanced welding information management system can help to search the problems of running pre-weld system, and help to decide which should be added or change or modify.

Welding and manufacturability

Though machines are tested well before manufacturing. But there may be a little annoyance which can be captured by the welder during welding. So, The machine should have the ability of future modifying.

Give appropriate value to welders

The welder is the most important asset for welding. He owned few special and valuable skills like concentration and efficiency. He is the most important and responsible person to increase productivity. If he get any interruption or he cannot get proper value, that can obstruct his working spirit. So, it is paramount to give him proper value.

Better weldcells, better working

It is important to monitor that who is working and what is happening in the weld cells. Is the welder is inside the cell? What is he doing inside the cell when he is not welding? All this thing must be under monitoring.

There should be enough place inside weld cell so that welder can move and weld easily. Weld cells must be covered with enough and efficient tools and machines to increase the Arc-On time and throughput.

A welding cell could not be perfect only with enough space, modern tools and machinery. Moreover, it could not increase the throughput until it stays clean and tidy. It is important to clean the wastage from the cell regularly. Because wastages clutter the cell and make the place risky.

Good communication between welders

Good communication between the shift is the most important thing to improve Arc-On time and/or throughput. Welding any large components may take several days to complete. So it needs the whole shifts to complete the welding. If all the shifts have a good communication with each others, it will take less time to weld any big component.

Communication is also important to reduce downtime

Except this, a good communication is an important thing for industries. Without it, no industry can improve their productivity.

Try to make a wood free shop

Try to avoid wood cart for carrying and delivering components. Wood is a risky thing for a welding shop. That may occur accident anytime. So, it is better to deliver components with standard metal to avoid any kind of accident. The risk-free working place is imperative to increase the throughput and Arc-On time.

Avoid clutter in the cell

The welding cell must be clutter free. If the cell cluttered with welding wire, welder cannot be able to weld efficiently. So it is very important to reduce the clutter.

Modern welding machines can reduce the clutter because they are able to run a large-diameter wire. Wire replacing is also very easy with this machines.The machines can also alert before running out of wire because they can measure the wire of a spool or barrel.


In the end, there is one thing to say that a modern and better management system is the most valuable thing to improve productivity and benefit of an industry.

  • April 3, 2017
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