The dead space plasma cutter is separate than other plasma cutters because it is really unique, acute, subtle, sharp and astonishing. This is to be used for destructive damage to ruin the target. It is made and to be used for demolishing materials. Obviously, it is very dangerous and harmful tolive, but it is very useful for higher cases. For cutting massive or giant conductive materials, dead space plasma cutter is basically used. For cutting thick and steel metal sheet, this plasma cutter is best fitted. The name “Dead space” says it all; it has the capacity of cutting materials profoundly and precisely. It consumes more power energy than any other plasma cutter. The reason behind it is calling “Dead” because-from a sole point one or more plasma arc creators are pointing, which is piercing at a higher capacities. This plasma cutter is dominant and placing the lead space in plasma cutter industry.

Dead space plasma cutter is not simple to make or create. The requirement is pretty high to make this thing feasible. There are some pre-requisite before making it implementable, which are- an appropriate environment, high-tech stuff, and these are very extravagant things. But, it is inevitable by making dead space plasma cutter using hardboard. There are a few things required to make dead space plasma cutter on your own. These are: a nice cock-sheet, a nicer cutter, a pencil,tracing paper, sprays paints with a little amount, agun with glue etc.

Tracking of the stencils on the hardboard


To draw three unique stencil sketches with apencil would be the primary task on the hardboard. Dead space plasma cutter stencils are accessible at everywhere on the internet and other resources so that’s not a prime concern. There are many available on the internet. There are certain rules for drawing the stencils, you have to be confidence by making the drawing is perfect and accurate and the cock-sheet shouldn’t be moving. A paperweight or dumbbell can be used for making sure that cock-sheet stay rigid during drawing.

Stenciled segment should be cutting out of the full hardboard

When stencil drawing is done on the hardboard, you need to take away the weights and the tracing paper. Get a knife and cut the portion of the stencil part of drawing very impeccably and take out that portionof the board. While doing so,make sure to protect yourself and conscious.The entire the edges portions of the pick off parts should be accurate and smooth. The cutting part should be smooth and flexible not so edgy. After that place the entirepieces and disseminate them in an organized way. Before starting further procedure, you should put your gloves on and obligatory gears.


Painting is a very crucial part. You should wear gloves, mask and essential apron to ensure health protection. Spray paints are to be used to the isolated components of the dead space plasma cutter. Black spray can be used for painting and it is the prime cutterelement. First use black spray and when it is absorbed and settled down for a while then use spray which is silver color and gently coat it smoothly. Copper and spray paints with a gold color can also be used for addition. Paint the remaining to get more brightness.


After all the parts that are painted have dried up then use the glue gun to enclose the small parts with the major piece of the cutter. The same amount of cementneed to be used to attach all the parts and that is a requirement. All the pieces are connectedto the cutter in a very disciplined, organized and balanced way. The outlook is very pivotal in this cutter. It should have looked like authentic and not fake. That’s why aligned all the parts and attached it one by one is unavoidable. If every part is fitted accurately and detailed than the outlook of the “dead space” plasma cutter would be nicer to look at.


Making such dead space plasma cutter has becomeanextraexcitement for people especially youth.This is alsoaspecial apparatus because not everyone can be recognized and used this. This can be harmful but has to be used very safe and secure procedure. This machine is enormously beautiful to look at and dangerous. Sometimes it is life threatening. So, without proper and deliberately acquired knowledge, it is better not to use it.

This machine needs extraordinary energy and power to drive and operate. Taking pre-requisite steps can make this operative and optimize output from it. Making a safe and secure dead space plasma cutter can be helpful for cutting heavy metal. A lavish high-tech material is to be needed to make this thing implementable. Plasma cutting with the dead space plasma cutter is unique and extraordinary than other plasma cutting. A professional attitude and adequate skills are needed to be getting this job done effectively and efficiently. Home-made dead space plasma cutter can be much cheaper and budget friendly for the end-user.

  • April 3, 2017
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