Consumables Plasma cutting is an industrial progression which is fundamentally organized by the operators’ practical mindset. A Consumables and Successful Plasma cutting typically depend on recommendations given by the producers of the cutting torches that are to be utilized perfectly. A plasma cutter consists of a power supply, a cutting torch with the nozzle, a source of air and a valve.

Working Principle of a Plasma Cutter


Plasma cutters work by directing an electric gas bend that is passed through a confined opening. The gas may be oxygen, nitrogen, a shop air, argon etc. This lifts of the temperature of the gas make the 4th state of matter. Scientists call this supplementary state plasma.

The cutting torch is linked to the source outputs. Air is provided to the nozzle through the valve from the air supply. The valve allows air to flow from the air source to the nozzle. The controlled gas passes through and causes it to squeeze by the extraordinary speed. This high-speed gas scratches through the liquefied metal.

Types of Plasma Cutter

Nowadays different types of plasma cutters are available. The nozzle and electrode are commonly recommended to ionize the gas and primarily make the plasma earlier to the arc transmission. Other approaches that have been cast-off are stirring the torch slant to the work to generate a spark, and the practice of a preliminary high-frequency circuit.

Five Key Component of Consumables Plasma Cutting

It’s no longer furtive that plasma torch consumables have an imperative role in accomplishing an effective cut. But it may not be frequently acknowledged. However, this is the association among the consumable constituents and that even one defective constituent can make the others hurt. The shield, nozzle, retaining cap, electrode and swirl ring are the most substantial constituents comprise in a torch consumables arrangement.

The Shield

The shield is the most important component. There are a dreadful lot of sparks and liquefied metal during the plasma cutting process. The shield prevents that from getting the inner consumables. The drag shield provides the worker for placing the torch exactly on the metal deprived of the necessity of any supplementary standoff. That’s quite useful especially for new cutters.

The Retaining Cap

The responsibility of a retaining cap is to shelter and grasp the consumable stack up together. A retaining cap is crucial for a plasma cutter because it retains the swirl nozzle and ring in their exact location. It also controls the flow of coolant to the exterior of the nozzle. The retaining cap is required to be longer lasting, extremely durable and marvelously manufactured.

The Nozzle

The purpose of the nozzle is pretty simple. It usually fixes one of two belongings. It always keeps focusing on the plasma arc. If the size of the orifice is greater then, the distinct the arc become fewer. The nozzles with a widespread orifice are applied in squeezing applications. The small and narrow orifices focus on the arc. These are cast-off for the satisfactory feature and comprehensive cutting. The nozzle supports to funnel gas movement, which also aids to form and tighten the arc. The plasma gas delivers a rusty frontier film of unflappable gas between the nozzle and the arc. If the power state is too high or gas flow is too low the arc may commence the cutting nozzle triggering a paired arc which will harm the nozzle by swelling its size unreasonably.

The Electrode

The electrode is a slim portion usually made of silver or copper and comprises tungsten or hafnium. It receives the power from the torch and transmits it to the plate. The current originates from the machine and get out to the torch and finally enters into a cathode block. The electrode is always contacted with the charge on the end side of the electrode through the tungsten or hafnium inserter. The nozzle receives that arc and certainly follow it in such a way that scratches metal.

The Swirl Ring

The swirl ring systems guide the gas in a few diverse orders as it originates from the source machine. The gas drives onward in a twisting style around the electrode and gets out through the torch. Swirl ring is needed as it allows the gas to work out through the nozzle at various altered temperatures. Swirls are required to be checked visually and substituted whenever a physical damage is observed.

Detecting the Worn Down Consumables

There is numerous thing to remember to detect the improper functioning. The orifice might get widen and out of round shape as the nozzle is cast-off. As a consequence there is not much heat concentration at one place and it might sort of fans out.

The tungsten or hafnium that’s used as electrode sometimes gets liquefied and a part of it hurdle to blow and spread out through the nozzle as a result of excessive cutting. It grows a ditch at the forward-facing of the electrode. Further using of this electrode won’t cut anymore and is just burning through the metal. If that pit depth exceeds over 1⁄32 then the consumable should be changed together with nozzle and electrode.

The swirl ring may get cracked as an outcome of being plunged or from the cooling and warming over time. If it’s get cracked, it can’t passage the gas to the right way and time to adjustment it out.

Proper Maintenance Practices for Perfect Consumables

Plasma cutting is the most effective methods to cut heavy plate and sheet. But the competence can fade rapidly without appropriate consumable preservation. It’s important to interchange consumables habitually, particularly as if the pit depth increase, the passage widen, or scum build up. Besides substituting the consumables, it’s required to undertake a regular maintenance technique on the torch. There’s no set time within which to try and do that, however once it begins to ascertain things like cracks within the torch’s body shell then it would like to handle them forthwith.

There are a few remarkable quantities of a hand-held scheme. Repeatedly hand-held plasma consumes dryers and shop air. If water or oil exists in the line, it might be actually damaging for the consumables and the arrangement. It is better not to use high-power consumables for low-power cutting, or vice versa.

Strength of Properly Maintained Consumables

There is not any exact duration of properly maintained consumables. In the handheld arrangements, there are both experienced and inexperienced operator. Gradual and inexperienced cutting generates much more heat into the arrangement and fundamentally over burning through the consumables. Material properties also have a great extent to do with strength longevity. A denser material rises the power demand and the more the shorter the consumables life. The machine should be free of oil and water to enlarge the consumables life.


Proper operation and maintenance of plasma arc cutting equipment system can save limitless hours and decrease costs. It also provides excellent cutting and lengthier consumables life. In apart, less effort and time may be required washing the metal once it goes on to the next stage in the industrialized progression.

  • April 3, 2017
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