How to Choose Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters deliver a clean, plain and competent guide to cut conductive materials. To select a right plasma cutter can raise ample skills of an end-user. So, making a right choice to the product is a key solution for it. It is very pivotal to realize that which apparatus is needed for which function.

Plasma cutter is easily moveable and portable from one place to another and it can also be framed within a box very conveniently. End-user needs to understand the requirement or need first, then choose a budget or price because there are loads of plasma cutters out there in the market and finally pick the right one which is compatible or best fits with the requirement. Obviously, the price should be affordable and reasonably good. Plasma cutter is very renowned and prominent for a wide range of cutting without a pre-heating cycle. It cuts with small kerfs so that the conductive materials don’t damage or smash up.

A fewer things need to be considered while buying the plasma cutter.

The place where the plasma cutter has to be used

Plasma Cutter is very convenient to move from one place to another, so if you want you can carry your plasma cutter from one place to another then it should be purchased within the weight range of 45 to 18 pounds.This type of plasma cutter is best fitted if you work in your garage with a small tool or welding purpose. You need to make sure that the plasma cutter fits best with your planning objective. It fits perfectly with the consumer who moves from one place to another because it’s a very sophisticated and convenient tool to be used.

The longevity of the Apparatus

The life cycle of plasma cutter has always been a question for the end- user. The expected or predicted life of plasma cutter needs to be considered by the consumer before purchasing it. If a project is tiny or home-based you have to calculate the amount of time you spend each time you cut with the plasma cutter. Generally, in a case of a big project for large pieces of metal you need to spend more time with it. These are the two things that a consumer needs to be considered before purchasing a plasma cutter. If the conductive material is huge or massive then you need to spend quite a bit time with it maybe the entire day as well.

Each and every plasma cutter has a duty cycle which tells you in between ten-minute cycle for how long you can use it. Because you have stopped it after quite some time to cool off the machine. The unit’s maximum output is determined by the numbers that is to be listed to the machine’s duty cycle. If the plasma cutter volume or power is lower, it indicates that it can be operated for a longer period of time than précised by the duty cycle. Sometimes it depends on the temperature of the environment. It can take away or augment the length of the duty cycle of the machine.

The Power that needs to be determined to operate the machine

Before purchasing the plasma cutter the thickness and conductive material type needs to be determined. Thickness and metal type will eventually help to decide that what variety of plasma cutter needs to be bought. If the metal is thinned then it cuts at a faster rate than a thicker metal. Same way the energy or power that is to be required depends on the wideness and thickness of the metal. The inch per minute ratio decides the time you need to cut a metal or conductive material. If the speed is the prime concern of cutting conductive material then inch per minute ratio will determine the how fast you can work with holding efficiency.

The Components that are comprised in the plasma cutter

Plasma Cutting is a tough job if you can’t cut conductive materials properly in a heavy steel category. Plasma cutter should have some mandatory component for cutting metal or steel. A strong or robust torch should be included in it. This is a complete machine so it will be depreciated one day, so always be checked whether the parts will be replaceable when they fall apart.

Choosing the suitable torch for plasma cutter

Plasma cutter torches are basically of two types. The torch with a high frequency and make spark with acapacitors,high voltage transformer and spark-gap assembly. It is highly dependable because no need to use the moving part in it. Moreover, they do need some regular but not so regular maintenance and can create noise at your office or nearby shops. For thinner metal, torch with a single flow is better because that works with restricted amperage. It is not required an excessive run of shielding gas for cooling the torch.


Choosing a better plasma cutter is not an option, it’s a requirement if you work with conductive material on a daily basis. The Right product for the right person creates a good impression in the market for plasma cutter as well. So, select appropriate plasma cutter which is the best for you and satisfy your demand.

  • April 3, 2017
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