Why Should You Choose Miller Plasma Cutter

Miller Plasma Cutter is an equipment or device that is being used to cut electrically conductive materials such comprises: steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other conductive metals cut as well. This is very robust equipment, affordable price, high speed, precision cuts, operation cost is comparatively low, can be operated efficiently and friendly, reliable and highly rigid, steel sheets of numerous thickness can also be cut easily by it. Miller plasma cutter is the best in town right now.

Why do you need a Miller Plasma Cutter?​

  • The miller plasma cutter is very convenient and easy.
  • You need to switch on the plasma cutter after plugging it and then press the torch to convey the circuit through arc cutting on the specimen

Where are the Miller Plasma Cutter used?

  • Fabrication and welding shops
  • Automotive repair and restoration
  • Industrial construction
  • Salvage and scrapping operations
  • Can easily be used in hobbyist shops
  • Can be used at homely environment
  • It can only be applied on electrically conductive specimen
  • Cutting steel and mold it into different shapes and structures

Six Different models of Miller Plasma Cutter

On the basis of Dimensions, thicknesses and customer need, there are six different types of Miller plasma cutter available.Different miller plasma cutters provide specific functionality considering the efficiency of cutting, acceptability of environment and transportability.

Spectrum 125C:

This product has got loads of traits and attributes. This is a cut as you go machine, if the power is available. A built-in heavy duty compressor makes this equipment indisputable. It can contain maximum voltage-115 volts. It has got -60HZ 20FT torch to let the fire out. The compressor is long lasting and creates auspicious airflow solid-state. For quality cutting and maintain the consistency level, it can live up to 12 amp cutting arc for up to 3/16” steel.

The function of the electronic pilot Arc controller is to regulate the pilot circuit, so that it can provide more cutting skills without having the trigger on the torch. To increase efficiency and effectiveness, it uses Line Voltage Compensation (LVC), which can be survived under the variable situation. The temperature would be 40 Celsius and 140 degree Fahrenheit is to be tested with 35% duty cycle. The dimension of this product is built in such a way that it can easily be moveable and carried away. The equipment is 13.5” height and 8.5” wide.   

Miller Spectrum 125C Plasma Cutter Demo (Source: youtube.com)

Spectrum 375 X-TREME:

This has got plenty of elements and functions in it. It is very flexible and moveable product. This cutter can generate 30amperes, to cut down mild steel up to 3/8” thick. This product perfectly fits in light industries. This is indeed a portable product; end user can move it from one place to another. LED indicators can create pressure and mitigate unnecessary downtime. To retrigger the torch is unnecessarily needed. It is the best usage for metal sheets.

Miller Spectrum 375 Xtreme Plasma Cutter (Source: youtbe.com)

Spectrum 675 X-TREME: It is one of the tough, trustworthy and reliable packages of miller plasma cutter. It has got automatic air regulation and automatic consumable detection. It is only 21 pounds and easily carried by the end user. I t is very easy to move from one place to another. There is the cooling system for thermal management. There is a built in fan, when torch trigger is engaged. Without tools the adapters of this plasma cutter accept connection up to 120 V or 240 V receptacles. Automatic air regulation will be kept on torch pressure to drastically improve optimal cutting performance. The 40 A amperage. The duty cycle is up to 50% and the height is 9 inch.    

Spectrum 875:

This is a bit updated and fostered product. It has got 20-foot compact size, but output power is 60 amps. The tools are very easy to be operated and regulate. This is compatible for construction and fabrication industry. It can cut up to 7/8” and mold it into pieces. Cable management pouches can easily permit the user to lift it up from one place to another. It has got 52 pounds weight. The cable is frequently flexible and easy to be connected. It can hold generator power up to 10KW or above. To get the optimum performance the variable condition must be (187 to 264 volts) for ending cuts. Anyone can operate this in rough or dusty weather. It has got a feature which can mitigate the dust and pull it from inside.

Miller Spectrum 875 in the Napotnik Welding Supplies Welding DEMO Room (Soure: youtube.com)

Spectrum 875 Auto-Line:This is a bit updated and fostered product. It has got 20-foot compact size, but output power is 60 amps. The voltage size must 208 to 575 volts to get automatically connected. Construction and fabrication are the same industry that the product will be used in it. It is really accessible and conveniently access to each and every part. The air pressure is automatically adjustable for the torch for optimum cutting and gouging.

Spectrum 375: This is a bit sophisticated machine than 125C. You don’t have to necessarily be an engineering genius to operate this machine. The minimum circuit called out for the regular spectrum 375 is 115V 20amp dedicated branch line.


You don’t need to be an electrical genius to use miller plasma cutter. Miller Plasma cutter is the best product amongst the entire plasma cutter and it has proved its identity by launching and developing numerous products on the basis of customer demand and desire. So, without further ado, this product can highly be recommended to be purchased for a person who desires or pursues a particular hobby.

  • April 3, 2017
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