Although plasma cutter is a most economical and multi-usable cutter for wielding, but you have to be very careful to use this machine otherwise different types of accidents can take place within a moment and can hamper your life.In this modern era, you can get plasma cutter with inverter technology that makes the highly useful machine more versatile and compact. But there are many people who use this instrument at the first time. They must have to know the use of this hazardous equipment thoroughly. If any person tries to use this machine with little learning it can be life killer not only for him but also for the other people. So let’s take a look at the basic safety precautions of the plasma cutter. So you can enhance the productivity with this helpful equipment without the occurrence of an unexpected hazardous event.

Electric shock of plasma cutter

The most crucial matter of the plasma cutter is its electric shock. Usually, the work object and torch of the plasma cutter are connected with the electric circuit. When this work object is touched by anything, circuit will pass through the object and electric shock is occurred. So never touch any portion of work object or torch body at the time of the operation of the plasma cutter. If it’s touched, can diminish your life.Also, be very careful about the water. If the running plasma cutter gets the touch of water, a big hazardous event will occur.

Voltage issue of plasma cutter

Although it is easy to operate the plasma cutter for cutting the steel and such types of materials, but making this procedure easy this equipment requires compressed gas and arc with high electric voltage. The electrical voltage of plasma cutter is highly greater than that of welding voltage and the voltage amount is 100 – 200 volts.The arc of the plasma cutter is a severe source of fire hazard. The sparks and heat of the fire can extremely hamper your property or many valuable resources. The fumes of fire also can be harmful to the surrounding areas.Since there are lots of chance of electric shock and presence of very high voltage than welding voltage so you always need to follow some basic safety precautionary measures and these are

  • When you operate the plasma cutter, you have to keep your whole body and all clothing dry. Also, cover your hand with insulated gloves and foot with boots.
  • The work clamp should not be moved at the time of operation with plasma cutting.
  • The work pieces that are wasted at the cutting operation, you should not touch them or take up them.
  • When you continue the cutting process, the work piece should be left on your workbench attaching the work cable.
  • You should be away from all types of wet things since this equipment relates with an electric circuit. So strongly make sure that in all situation you are not attached with any wet surfaces.
  • You need to be isolated from the ground with the help of an insulating mats. But make sure that this mat is dry. You also have to cover whole places to remove all physical connections from the ground. If your workplace is situated near the humid area. You need to take extra precautions.
  • Before starting the plasma cutting operation, make sure that all connections are made metal-to-metal.
  • Make sure that the surfaces in where is work cable camp will be connected, these surfaces are rust free, dirt free and finely painted.
  • The work piece which has been fallen away, it should not be attached to the work cable.

Safety precautions for ground cables


  • Before starting the plasma cuttin g, make sure that the ground cable is connected exactly with the work substances
  • Always check the functionality of the ground cable and ensure that it works rightly. If there is any complication, repair it properly with the help of an expert

Safety precautions for Arc rays

Must use protective sunglass before starting to use the plasma cutter. The arc rays of plasma cutter produce severe infrared and ultraviolet waves which are highly harmful to your eyes. At any time, these waves can inflame different parts of your eyes such as skin or retina.

Clothes those should be worn for protection

  • Protective hat for covering head fully
  • Safety shoes
  • For covering, on the bare areas flame-hinder cloths should be used.
  • For hand, use Gauntlet gloves
  • For preventing the heat of sparks use cuff-less trouser
  • Keep away all fire making elements from your pocket such as match-box or lighter

Precautions for decreasing noise level

When you cut the steel or any material as like as this one, plasma cutter produces noise up to 120 decibels. So you must need to wear an ear protector to get rid of many ear diseases like deaf and dumping.

Precautions to lessen toxic gases and fumes

Plasma cutter uses compressed gas, so when you operate this cutter, toxic gases and fumes are emitted that can hamper your normal breathing system. So make sure that you use the plasma cutter in an open and well-ventilated area.


The plasma cutter is greatly useful for fulfilling the necessity of cutting different types of steel and many others electric conducted materials. But you must have to ensure proper safety precautions to get the complete benefits of this equipment. So just follow the above mentioned tips to ensure the perfect usage of your plasma cutter.

  • April 3, 2017
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